• AUDI - general meeting in Ingolstadt

  • Audi - service manager conference in hamburg

  • Audi - 25 years Audi - summer concert in Ingolstadt

  • Audi - Audi Award Ibiza

  • BMW - museum double cone Munich

  • BMW - BMW Engineroom

  • Sunhill - Intertraffic 2018

  • VW - Intuitive Car Finder

  • BMW - 100 years BMW

experiencend by BRANDSPACES

BRANDSPACES is listed by reputable car manufacturers and suppliers, and partly furnished with framework contracts. From vehicle presentations and AGMs through to international events, BRANDSPACES has established itself as one of the leading production companies. BRANDSPACES has put on a large number of top events over the last 10 years thanks to excellent links with specialist planners and communications and event agencies.

For many years now, the team has had petrol running through its veins, and has gotten excited about wheels. This fascination with cars won’t fade thanks to lots more events coming up. That’s one reason why many types of our industrial clients’ events have been put together by us.

Our 5 Big Points:
1. Specialist for trade fair and event construction

2. Automotive industry experts

3. Loads of experience

4. Fully motivated team

5. Ambition to always improve