Innovation Lab

Combining digital and traditional worlds

BRANDSPACES combines traditional trade fair constructions with innovations such as Virtual Reality (VR). We use the latest technologies, and are always up to date.

Projekt: VOLKSWAGEN AG – Intuitive Car Finder IAA 2017

Volkswagen -Intuitive Carfinder-

The video sequences are based on VR and Artificial Intelligence. The guests are welcomed by Optimus Prime, one of the main characters from the sci-fi film Transformers. Well, by his German voice at least. Cinema enthusiasts will have already heard it every now and then at the cinema. At the Intuitive Carfinder, the film is running on special glasses with integrated screens. A special headset measures brainwaves.

Move idea and concept

Siemens -VR AREA-

Siemens is living up to its innovative market leadership with this project as the company is able to showcase its fully automated production processes in 3D during the bidding phase.

CueConcept idea and concept

BrosE -OLED Translucent Screens-

For our client Brose, we have been able to develop perfect synergy between the latest OLED trade fair presentation technology and structural / functional design.

Audi -3D Mapping Product Launch-

When you enter the front of house, the visitor’s gaze is drawn straight to the stage and the car shrouded in white.

Using multiple projectors, the vehicle is brought to life with 3D Mapping.